The Value of Quilt Cruising

Since we just had our presentation in Seattle about what life is like on board a quilting cruise, and why it is different from a land retreat, we thought we would share some of it with everyone!

The first thing we wanted to talk about is value! The value that you get on board a cruise is considerably higher than normal land-based retreats. For many, you may get ‘special deals’ at hotels, but even if breakfast is included rarely do you get your meals!

When you cruise, your price includes your room, twice-daily maid service, meals, Las Vegas-style shows and entertainment, lectures and lifestyle-classes, transportation to various ports around the world, quilting classes—and so much more! All of it is nicely packaged together in one price.

Let’s make a direct comparison! This is from a retreat that will not be named v. our 2013 Western Caribbean Quilt Seminar. To make things fair, the pricing is for an outside cabin—you can choose to lower your rate by going for a more economical inside cabin, or splurge on your own private balcony!

Land Retreat

7 nights accommodations $1253 for dorm room
3 days of classes $330
Meals, average $280
Total $1863

2013 Caribbean (outside cabin)

$1391 incl taxes for outside cabin
$ included classes
$ included meals
Total $1391

Gratuities & kit fees are additional for both.

That does not even begin to mention the extras you get on a cruise, such as your entertainment, cocktail parties that we host, open sewing times when you can use the machines for your own use or the various dining options out there!

Once you’re on board, there are optional costs that you can splurge on. For example, you can treat yourself with an evening out at a specialty restaurant (cover charge $25) and have a glass of wine with your dinner ($8). Then you can go to the casino and try your luck! However, these are all optional items.

Dollar for dollar, cruising is one of the best values for your vacation!


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