Thank Goodness for Trip Insurance!

We are very pleased to have a new partner with Travel Insurance in Travel Guard—now for many reasons!

People will ask me all the time if it’s important to take out travel insurance, and my answer is always a resounding: YES!  Certainly there are options for insurance, but we’ve partnered with one of the best companies out there.  In fact, for every trip, we ourselves are covered!

This will come in handy for Kim, who arrived in Stockholm yesterday.  After getting off the plane and going through customs, she discovered that one of her suitcases didn’t make the connecting flight.  Immediately she picked up the phone and contacted Travel Guard.

I received a call (I’m at home for this trip!) from the Travel Guard concierge.  They took information from me about Kim’s entire itinerary.  They were tracking her bag with the airline, and were making arrangements for her to get it before she stepped on the ship.  Just in case that was not possible, they took down her entire cruise itinerary to make sure that it would reach her at the soonest port.

On our last departure, we had one of those crazy cruises where we met the doctor a lot.  We had everything from a fall in the lido deck to someone needing to get a refill of their medications on the cruise because they accidentally dropped some pills in the sink.  One lady spent more than a day in the infirmary recovering.  Thankfully the ship staff took beautiful care of every one of our passengers, working out details and making sure they were healthy again.

The lady that spent a long time in the infirmary has received her check from her insurance claim.  Along the entire process of the claim, she was helped by us and the insurance company to make sure that everything was straight.

Give yourself some peace of mind, and look into Travel Guard when you buy your next trip.  If you buy it with your deposit, it will even cover pre-existing conditions.  It’s true that insurance is one of those things that you buy hoping never to use, but you’re always happy that you did!

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  1. Marshall Foster says:

    I’ve been on a quilt seminar at sea to Alaska. This time I went to Alaska with my cousin Dr. Dennis Steele. I had Travel Guard Premium insurance. Yes, it’s important. I fell face first on the street in Ketchikan and bloodied myself. I take warfarin sodium so it would not stop. I spent four days in the hospital. Upon discharge Travel Guard sent an escort, James Z. from Tampa to escort me home. Travel Guard paid for everything, even bottles of water. First Class on the plane. Just wonderful. James took care of everything, passing through customs in Vancouver Canada, boarding passes.

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