Teacher Feature: Paula Nadelstern

Paula Nadelstern

Paula Nadelstern

When you look at Paula Nadelstern’s quilts, you’ll find that they would be just at home on the wall of an art museum as on the wall of your home. In fact, she is the feature of a traveling art show which started in her home-town, New York, New York in 2009!

Paula at her Exhibit

Not only has Paula perfected the kaleidoscope, but she has her own line of distinctive fabrics designed for Benartex. On fabric, Paula says, “I need an eclectic mix of multitalented fabrics. It is, after all, my palette. Whether fabrics belong to different styles or are intrinsically compatible is not an issue for me. I practice “pieceful” coexistence. I love fabrics that tickle my imagination: designs with hyperabundant colors and charismatic patterns, prints that play well with both commercial and dyed stuff, textiles that sometimes set the stage and sometimes dance on it. I want it all, I want it now, and I make no excuses for the size of my stash. As I have often said, I feel sorry for the ones who don’t get it.”

What results are amazing pieces of art—and the good news is that Paula is willing to share her secrets with her students! She’ll tell you about life in the Bronx, proclaim her lack of knowledge about math and amaze you with the designs that she can pull out of simple fabrics. Paula’s wit and smile are always welcome additions to our cruises!

In 2012, she will be teaching on our Baltic Cruise, Vikings & Czars. With a small class size, you’ll be able to learn a lot from Paula! We’ll start in Stockholm, Sweden and sail on through Northern Europe before disembarking in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Paula will be joined by Laura Wasilowski, Cindy Walter & Mary Sorensen.

Inside Paula's Classroom

For 2013 Paula is traveling to exotic Asia on our Japan & China Quilt Seminar. Imagine… 14-days of exploring Asia and learning from the best quilting teachers the industry has to offer! But you do not have to imagine any longer! Join Paula and us along with Sue Nickels and Karen Kay Buckley for an amazing and unforgettable journey!

We know that you will love Paula’s classes as much as we do! To find out more information about Paula, her art tours or her fabric, visit her web site at: www.paulanadelstern.com

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