Paula Nadelstern’s Ornaments!

Here is Paula with some of her class on board the Baltic Quilt Seminar!

As you know, while Kim and I are not quilters, many of you have seen us pick up some beads or fabric for some other projects.  I’ve just found a new one to spend some time on!

I wanted to share something I just picked up, courtesy of Paula Nadelstern. While she was sailing on our Baltic Quilt Seminar at Sea, Paula showed off how to make her Opulent Ornaments! The class was a success—here is a picture of a few of the completed ones from the cruise.

I was jealous of these beautiful things, so I bought a kit and started to pin. I have a brand new home, and I certainly will need a new decoration for it! So last night I began.

As you can see, it’s far from finished, but it already looks pretty cool. I went from a white Styrofoam ball to a fabric covered ball.  Aren’t the colors lovely?  They remind me of Venice!

My Opulent Ornament – This is the “North Pole”

No beads have been added yet—but I just started last night, and I thought I got relatively far.

This is the “South Pole”

I think I’m going to have to run back to the store for more pins.  The next stop is to cover up all this along the “equator.”

This is my “equator.” It’s not pretty now, but it will be!

I’ll be cutting out more fabric this evening and doing some more pinning!  I can’t wait to get to the beading part.  I’m excited to find out what it will look like in the end.  Paula’s work and fabric lines are so interesting to me.  If you would like to sail with her, she’ll be on our Japan/China Quilt Seminar in April of 2013!

Has anyone else been working on projects these last days of summer?

5 Responses to Paula Nadelstern’s Ornaments!

  1. Carol Lohrenz says:

    I hope we do these wonderful ornaments on the Japan Cruise coming up in April!!!!! PLEASE!

  2. Diama Flett says:

    I second that Idea, I would switch one of my classes for this one.

  3. We are working on Paula to give us a demonstration on this class! :)

  4. Carol Jarchow says:

    These look like Temari balls made with fabric instead of fibers. Is that the technique used?

  5. These are made with Paula Nadelstern’s fabric line. She has so many fantastic colors and patterns in her fabrics. On the Asia cruise that we were just on she did a mini-class for this technique, and I believe that everyone is now home putting fabric on Styrofoam balls with pins and beads! :)

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