Have Guild, Will Travel

We are pleased to announce a new program for guilds for the 2013 Quilt Cruise season!  There are many advantages to gathering a group of friends and traveling together on a quilting cruise!

  • It’s comfortable! Students know each other. It’s always fun to travel together! You will make memories that will last a lifetime and your friendships will be strengthened through shared experiences! You can help each other with workshop projects after the cruise. You can encourage each other and are motivated to finish your class projects so you can bring them to the next guild meeting for show and tell!
  • Your room, food, entertainment and all quilt classes, parties and functions are included in the cost up front and there is a discount for your non-quilting companions! All accommodations and the food are ultra luxury!
  • We have some of the best teachers in the world! The teachers dine together with the group, attend open sewing sessions and evening “Sewcials” as well as parties and autograph sessions. Students get lots of one on one time both in class and socially to learn from and actually get to know the teachers!
  • Quilt Seminars at Sea can be easily combined with family vacations since there are so many things for non-quilters to do when class is in session, and classes usually don’t interfere with time in port so families are able to sightsee together.

Put together a Quilt Guild group for travel on any Quilt Seminar at Sea. The more members you get to sign up, the higher the on board credits you receive!!!  Applicable to double occupancy so a minimum of 6 people is required. Applies only to first 2 people in a cabin.  Exclusions and restrictions apply. Contact Amy for more information!  Amy@QuiltCruises.com or 866-573-6351

10 Responses to Have Guild, Will Travel

  1. Nancy Cox says:

    I am with the Log Cabin Quilting guild and was wondering if there are any quilting cruises going out of San Francisco?

  2. Hi Nancy!

    We do not currently have anything planned out of San Francisco, but we do have a few west-coast departures that we plan!

  3. Elaine Bell says:

    Hi, do you have any Baltimore departures?

  4. Hello Elaine!
    We have no plans for a Baltimore departure at this time. Perhaps in 2015/2016!

  5. Sue Wright says:

    Do you have any quilting cruises leaving from East Coast in 2013 or 2014? (New York?)

  6. Starr Seesler says:

    Is there an indoor swimming pool and/or hot tub spa?

  7. On Holland America they have one swimming pool that is open, the second one is located under a retractable roof. If the weather isn’t cooperating, it becomes an indoor pool! If the weather is fantastic, it’s outdoor! If you travel on Paul Gauguin in Tahiti, it’s a smaller ship so they have only one outdoor pool. But you’re in Tahiti!

  8. We have cruises leaving from Ft. Lauderdale in 2013, but that is the closest to New York! We are trying to piece together a Canada/New England trip for 2015, but I believe that will also sail from Ft. Lauderdale and travel north to Quebec City!

  9. AnnAK says:

    Anything for Panama Canal 2014?

  10. Not in 2014! We’re going to try again for the Panama Canal in 2015! :)

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