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Panama Canal Photos

Here are some “sneak-peek” photos from the Panama Canal, courtesy of Martha!  (Plus one penguin from me…!) We will have more on the web soon!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sending lots of warm thoughts to our quilters around the world, all the way from the Caribbean! Amy, Kim, Karen Kay Buckley, Christine Porter, Mary Lou Weidman & Kathy Kansier!

Hand Projects that Travel Well: Or what I did on my way to my Quilting Cruise

It is just not space efficient to try to bring an entire quilt top onto a plane, and even if you were afforded the space, the airlines may have some questions for you.  So we …

Piecing together a cruise

Piecing together a cruise may be a little different than piecing together a quilt, but you still have to know some tricks! Since we were very busy trying to put everything together for the Panama …

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