Tahitian Fabric!

When we first partnered with Paul Gauguin Cruises for the Tahitian Quilt Seminar at Sea, we were tickled that their sales rep, Donna, was a quilter.  She was so excited for the cruise to happen as she knows what quilters like, being one herself.  Donna also knows were the good fabric is!

We are lucky enough to coincide our cruise with the 14th Annual Salon du Tifaifai Quilt Festival! Fully immerse yourself in the traditions of Polynesian quilting and meet with the local Quilt guild members. The Tahitians are such a warm and open people who love to pass along the wonderful art that is Tifaifai! You are sure to make new and lasting friendships and take home new techniques.

Donna had the pleasure of just visiting Tahiti, and when she came back, she brought a stash of fabric with her.  I wanted to share the photos of what she brought back with you!

See below!


Paula Nadelstern’s Ornaments!

Here is Paula with some of her class on board the Baltic Quilt Seminar!

As you know, while Kim and I are not quilters, many of you have seen us pick up some beads or fabric for some other projects.  I’ve just found a new one to spend some time on!

I wanted to share something I just picked up, courtesy of Paula Nadelstern. While she was sailing on our Baltic Quilt Seminar at Sea, Paula showed off how to make her Opulent Ornaments! The class was a success—here is a picture of a few of the completed ones from the cruise.

I was jealous of these beautiful things, so I bought a kit and started to pin. I have a brand new home, and I certainly will need a new decoration for it! So last night I began.

As you can see, it’s far from finished, but it already looks pretty cool. I went from a white Styrofoam ball to a fabric covered ball.  Aren’t the colors lovely?  They remind me of Venice!

My Opulent Ornament – This is the “North Pole”

No beads have been added yet—but I just started last night, and I thought I got relatively far.

This is the “South Pole”

I think I’m going to have to run back to the store for more pins.  The next stop is to cover up all this along the “equator.”

This is my “equator.” It’s not pretty now, but it will be!

I’ll be cutting out more fabric this evening and doing some more pinning!  I can’t wait to get to the beading part.  I’m excited to find out what it will look like in the end.  Paula’s work and fabric lines are so interesting to me.  If you would like to sail with her, she’ll be on our Japan/China Quilt Seminar in April of 2013!

Has anyone else been working on projects these last days of summer?

Thank Goodness for Trip Insurance!

We are very pleased to have a new partner with Travel Insurance in Travel Guard—now for many reasons!

People will ask me all the time if it’s important to take out travel insurance, and my answer is always a resounding: YES!  Certainly there are options for insurance, but we’ve partnered with one of the best companies out there.  In fact, for every trip, we ourselves are covered!

This will come in handy for Kim, who arrived in Stockholm yesterday.  After getting off the plane and going through customs, she discovered that one of her suitcases didn’t make the connecting flight.  Immediately she picked up the phone and contacted Travel Guard.

I received a call (I’m at home for this trip!) from the Travel Guard concierge.  They took information from me about Kim’s entire itinerary.  They were tracking her bag with the airline, and were making arrangements for her to get it before she stepped on the ship.  Just in case that was not possible, they took down her entire cruise itinerary to make sure that it would reach her at the soonest port.

On our last departure, we had one of those crazy cruises where we met the doctor a lot.  We had everything from a fall in the lido deck to someone needing to get a refill of their medications on the cruise because they accidentally dropped some pills in the sink.  One lady spent more than a day in the infirmary recovering.  Thankfully the ship staff took beautiful care of every one of our passengers, working out details and making sure they were healthy again.

The lady that spent a long time in the infirmary has received her check from her insurance claim.  Along the entire process of the claim, she was helped by us and the insurance company to make sure that everything was straight.

Give yourself some peace of mind, and look into Travel Guard when you buy your next trip.  If you buy it with your deposit, it will even cover pre-existing conditions.  It’s true that insurance is one of those things that you buy hoping never to use, but you’re always happy that you did!

Have Guild, Will Travel

We are pleased to announce a new program for guilds for the 2013 Quilt Cruise season!  There are many advantages to gathering a group of friends and traveling together on a quilting cruise!

  • It’s comfortable! Students know each other. It’s always fun to travel together! You will make memories that will last a lifetime and your friendships will be strengthened through shared experiences! You can help each other with workshop projects after the cruise. You can encourage each other and are motivated to finish your class projects so you can bring them to the next guild meeting for show and tell!
  • Your room, food, entertainment and all quilt classes, parties and functions are included in the cost up front and there is a discount for your non-quilting companions! All accommodations and the food are ultra luxury!
  • We have some of the best teachers in the world! The teachers dine together with the group, attend open sewing sessions and evening “Sewcials” as well as parties and autograph sessions. Students get lots of one on one time both in class and socially to learn from and actually get to know the teachers!
  • Quilt Seminars at Sea can be easily combined with family vacations since there are so many things for non-quilters to do when class is in session, and classes usually don’t interfere with time in port so families are able to sightsee together.

Put together a Quilt Guild group for travel on any Quilt Seminar at Sea. The more members you get to sign up, the higher the on board credits you receive!!!  Applicable to double occupancy so a minimum of 6 people is required. Applies only to first 2 people in a cabin.  Exclusions and restrictions apply. Contact Amy for more information!  Amy@QuiltCruises.com or 866-573-6351

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